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Requirements for query submissions are very specific in the publishing industry, with modest variation from agent to agent. If you are unfamiliar with query writing, please take time to research the subject through the many excellent websites and reference books available before submitting to us or other agents.

Queries to Fairbank Literary Representation may be sent by either snail mail or email.  Your submission should consist of a one page query letter introducing and briefly synopsizing your work. You may include a short sample chapter if querying by snail mail, or the first three pages pasted into the body of your email, but no full manuscripts will be accepted without our request.  Include a SASE for any materials you'd like returned to you; otherwise we will discard them.  If querying by e-mail, please note that we do not open email attachments.  

If your work is much more than 120,000 words and you are an unpublished author, it is probably too long for us.

Due to the large volume of material we receive, it may take four to six weeks for us to respond to your query. 


Sorche Elizabeth Fairbank
Submit all inquiries and queries to: queries@fairbankliterary.com

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Scout for NONFICTION books on sports and architecture only

No phone queries, please; no faxed queries
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